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What's New in Virtual Robot


Whenever significant updates have been made a What's New window will list them when you first login:

  • Virtual Robot - What's New

Noteable new features / Changelog

This section of the documentation highlights note-worthy feature and interface changes as of the 17th November 2015. Bug-fixes and performance optimizations are ongoing.**

20th October 2016 (-r898)

  • Countless bug fixes. Notable examples:
    • Much better reliability for Save As operations.
    • Text To Speech is more reliable.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Interface usability improvements
    • Press escape to close popups.
    • Scrolling in timeline now zooms towards cursor position.

6th June 2016 (-r813)

  • New transport controls J, K & L for traversing the timeline (slice is now Shift + K).

1st June 2016 (-r764)

  • Interface improvements to the Performance Organizer.
  • Double-click to open, and single-click to rename Performances.

6th January 2016 (-r665)

  • We now support far more audio formats than before. You can upload audio by dragging files from your desktop to the library pane.
  • Added a 'Tools > Get Perma-link' button to make retrieving a share-able link to a particular performance much easier!

14th December 2015 (-r643)

  • Added library items are now converted to editable items immediately. This can be disabled in `Tools > Preferences > Timeline`
  • Some robots have been re-named. This only affects users using the query parameter `?robot=...`
   - RT3.RoboThespian3 --- RT3.RT3
   - RT3_Muscle_Hands.RoboThespian3 --- RT4.RT4_Hands
   - RT3_Muscle_Hands_w_Face.RoboThespian3 --- RT4.RT4_Hands_Face
   - RT3_Tritium.RoboThespian3 --- RT4.RT4
   - RT3_Tritium_ProjectorFace.RoboThespian3 --- RT4.RT4_Face
  • Added `Control > Lock Unselected Inputs`, which locks the movement of any robot inputs which haven't been selected in the Inspector.
  • Added `View > Lock Camera`, which is useful for preventing accidental camera movement.

26th November 2015 (-r620)

  • `Tools > Preferences > Timeline` has new options for changing what happens when you open virtual robot.

19th November 2015 (-r587)

  • You can turn off RobotThespian's looking around behaviour in the `Tools > Preferences` window.
  • Timeline redesign, makes differentiating types and states of content much easier. Keyframes are now much more visible too.

18th November 2015 (-r567)

  • Double clicking on a timeline clip will highlight it's associated Asset in the Library pane.

17th November 2015 (r561)

  • Assets are introduced for Speech.
  • Speech assets, (Text To Speech lines), are now stored with the performance they are used in. Any Performances with existing Speech should have corresponding Assets linked with them automatically. The benefit of this is that Speech can now be arranged in folders, and browsed much more easily.
  • Some other bug fixes.

July 2015

Move Keys, Move Frames and Undo

Becoming familiar with these new features will help you work faster with ease.

  • Timeline updates: Move Keys, Move Frames and Undo
  • The Undo feature has obvious benefits, it's unlimited and works with most toolbox and timeline actions.
  • The Move Frames and Move Items toggle is used to switch editing mode.
    • Move Frames edit mode allows you to drag individual frames based on current body part and input selection.
    • Move Items Mode allows for easy slicing, stitching, dragging and blending of motion track items. ** If animating you will find most of the time you will be in Move Frames mode so you can see the keys you are working on.

select multiple keys using the keyboard shortcuts combined with a left click

  • CTRL+ left mouse add to your selection.
  • Shift+ Left click selects a range of keys from the first one you click to the last.