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Please note that as of 2019 SociBot has been discontinued.
If you are looking for a robot with similar features or applications as SociBot please get in touch. As we continue to develop our range of humanoid robots we may be able to offer an alternative.

At a glance

SociBot™ is an interactive, fully programmable humanoid robot exhibit suitable for public display, demonstration and academic research.

The robot features an actuated neck and a rear fitted optical projector within the head shell allowing a variety of animated face images to be displayed in 3D form.

If you don't already have a SociBot read more on SociBot features, What do I get with SociBot?, Current Installations, and Specifications here... SociBot At a Glance

Model Variations

Although most of their software and functionality is the same, there are some differences between SociBot versions.

Version specific information can be found under separate subheadings. Unless otherwise noted, the guides in this wiki are applicable to all SociBot versions.

  • Socibot Kiosk
  • Socibot Mini

SociBot Kiosk

Socibot kiosk comes with integrated touchscreen, has (non-functional) arms to enhance its human-like appearance, and a 1.2m base which serves to raise the robot to eye level.

It intended for information delivery in public venues, or anywhere requiring non-expert human interaction, such as schools or reception areas.

SociBot Mini

Socibot Mini is a more compact robot with a truncated torso and no touchscreen. The on-board sensors and hardware are identical to the larger SociBot.

This robot is perfect for desktop operation, for example in a lab or office environment.

Both versions have extensible software and provide USB and network connection, to allow use of your own hardware and interface devices.

Installation requirements

  • Suitable for indoor use only. Recommended room temperature: 10°C - 30°C, relative humidity: 45% - 60%
  • Standard domestic mains power in the range 100v - 250v AC
  • Wired network connection - required for remote support, fault resolution, and the application of updates and new software/content features.

Quickstart guides

Just received your SociBot Mini? - start with the SociBot Mini Quickstart.
A downloadable / printable .pdf of the quick start is available at the top of the page.

Just received your SociBot Kiosk? - start with SociBot Kiosk Unpacking and Assembly

Technical specification

See SociBot Technical Spec


Should you encounter any issues with your SociBot please see the SociBot Troubleshooting section of the wiki first.


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