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Welcome to Engineered Arts Wiki, here you will find User Manuals and Technical Manuals for Engineered Arts Ltd robots, along with guides for the features and technologies in use.

This is also the place to find documentation on the Tritium software framework which is used on EA robots built after 2015.

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Robot Models

Installing, operating, and maintaining your robot. Start here by clicking on your robot model:

  • Ameca
  • RoboThespian Hard Face
  • RoboThespian Projected Face
  • RoboThespian Gripping Hands
  • RoboThespian Active Legs
  • SociBot Kiosk
  • SociBot Mini
  • Byrun

Robot Serial Number

For identification of your robot there are Serial Number plates located on your robot. See Serial Number Identification for locations.

  • Mesmer Serial Plate
  • RoboThespian Serial Plate
  • SociBot Serial Plate


Information on the features and technology in our robots

Click on a feature for user guides and further information

  • Remote Robot Management System
  • Telepresence
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • Content Creation
  • Control Panel (Tritium GUI)
  • Projected Face
  • Text-to-speech
  • Sensors
  • Modifying robot behaviours
  • Robot Hardware
  • Connecting other Software