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Downloadable RoboThespian Assembly and Safety Instructions (pdf)

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Quick Start Guide


This is a guide to first installation and operation of RoboThespian aimed at new customers.

You can also view or download the printable RoboThespian Assembly and Safety Instructions from the image on the top right of this page.

Minimum Installation Requirements

  • Suitable for indoor use only. Recommended room temperature: 10°C - 30°C, relative humidity: 45% - 60%
  • Standard domestic mains power in the range 100v - 250v AC
  • A barrier to prevent contact between visitors and RoboThespian.
  • Wired internet network connection with good bandwidth - see Network Setup. Required for TinMan Telepresence , remote administration and support, and the application of updates and new software/content features.
  • Un-oiled, compressed air at 6bar (87psi), filtered to 10µm. Peak air consumption 30L/min (7.9 US gpm) at 6bar (87psi) maximum, on average consumption is much less (Engineered Arts can supply a suitable portable air compressor unit if no fixed supply available)
  • Airline connection to robot is via an 8mm (5/16in) outside diameter Push-In-Fitting.
  • Extra 8mm (5/16in) outside diameter polyeurethane tubing can be supplied on request.

Do's and Don'ts

Green tickY Do follow the instructions in this wiki
Green tickY Do maintain your RoboThespian to ensure it operates safely
Green tickY Do switch off your RoboThespian if it is damaged or malfunctioning
Green tickY Do treat your RoboThespian with care and respect

Green tickN Don't allow visitors to touch RoboThespian
Green tickN Don't disconnect any air or electrical connections while RoboThespian is connected to the mains or has the compressed air supply connected
Green tickN Don't use solvent cleaners or abrasive pads on RoboThespian
Green tickN Don't make modifications or alterations to any settings without consulting the manufacturer first
Green tickN Don't remove any covers to electrical components unless instructed to do so
Green tickN Don't hotplug any cables. Shut down robot and disconnect mains power before plugging / unplugging any cable

Safe Operation

Supervisors working in robot area must be familiar with the safety guidelines in the RoboThespian Assembly and Safety Instructions. If you do not have a printed copy we recommend printing the downloadable RoboThespian Assembly and Safety Instructions (pdf) and keeping at the robot's location.

The key points are repeated here:
Green tickN Keep hands and fingers well away from any moving parts while the robot is switched on - it may move at any time without warning!
Green tickN Never reach inside the body, head or legs when the robot is powered!
Green tickN In the event of an air leak / burst air muscle switch off the air at the blue valve
Green tickY We recommend all supervisors make themselves familiar with the online documentation at

Shut off valve -> off

Unpacking and Assembly

How to unpack and assemble your robot.

  • RoboThespian in boxes
  • RoboThespian Assembled

See RoboThespian Unpacking & Assembly and watch the video.

Setting up the supplied compressor

If your RoboThespian is supplied with a compressor please see Compressor Unpacking and Assembly

  • Compressor

Starting up RoboThespian

RoboThespian and the touchscreen kiosk will start up automatically as soon as they are plugged into the mains power.

Control your RoboThespian from the touchscreen kiosk

The touchscreen kiosk offers you and your visitors an intuitive and easy way to interact with RoboThespian.

Now that your robot is up and running, get familiar with the features of the Touchscreen

  • RoboThespian Touchscreen

Access RoboThespian's Control Panel

When connected to the internet, you can access and control RoboThespian and modify settings.
Please see Control Panel for further details.

  • Control Panel

You can access this remotely when the robot is connected to the internet - see Remote Connection
If you have issues connecting to your RoboThespian over your LAN or remotely, please see Network Setup

Shutdown procedure

RoboThespian contains a PC and like any PC should be shut down fully before removing mains power.

Please see RoboThespian Shut Down for further details.

  • RoboThespian Shut Down

Explore further features

See Features and click on a feature to find out more

For more information and troubleshooting, please explore the links in the wiki,, or contact Engineered Arts if you can not find the information you are looking for in the wiki.