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YouTube Video


Note: all customers receive our standard range of demo content where RoboThespian or SociBot perform famous scenes from movies such as RoboCop, Terminator, C3PO impressions, songs like Singing in the rain, and more.

You will probably want to personalise your robot with your own content:

  • Adding sound and movement - Song and dance routines, venue information, product promotions etc.
  • Changing touch screen buttons - adding new library items, live screen actions etc.
  • Making new faces for projected face robots like SociBot.
  • Making new eye graphics for robots with LCD screen eyes like RoboThespian.
  • Changing robot behaviours by editing or creating Control Functions
  • Connecting multiple robots together to make a stage show.

There are a number of tools provided for you to make these tasks as quick, easy and enjoyable as possible.

Virtual Robot

YouTube Video: Tutorial Three: Creating Content

Engineered Arts provide a powerful web based tool for creating movement routines with audio, it's called Virtual Robot find out all about it here >

Watch the Virtual Robot video tutorial here

It works for all the Robots EA make, and can also work with third party robots. Please ask

Customising the Touchscreen Interface

Touch Screen Library Buttons

Virtual Robot Content Organizer is used to arrange touch screen and Telepresence content, add button images and text labels; transfer new performances and synchronise updates to performances.

On earlier robots the Asset manager can be used to arrange touch screen content, add button images and text labels.

Custom Faces for Projected Face Robots

A texture map for an InYaFace 'Guise'

Custom faces can be created and added to Projected Face robots

A 'Guise' is a bitmap texture which can be applied to the robot face. This is usually a human character, but does not have to be! A selection of pre-constructed guises are included by default on Socibot and Socibot-Mini. These include a range of ages, races and genders (including a 'gender neutral' face), as well as several more fanciful characters.

A guide to creating guises can be found here >

Custom Eye Graphics for Robots With LCD Screen Eyes

Blue robot eyes on RoboThespian

Custom eye graphics can be created for RoboThespian

Please see RoboThespian Custom Eye Graphics

Commissioning Engineered Arts to create content

Custom content at Innovate event 2016

Our robots can be supplied pre-installed with custom robot performances for your own content.

Our animators can also generate further custom performances for existing robots.

Let us know what you want to do and we can guide you and provide a quote for generating the performances on your behalf.

Please see Preparation of Custom Content for further details and guidance.