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Control Panel


EA robots like RoboThespian and SociBot have a web based 'Control Panel' also referred to as The Tritium GUI, (Graphical User Interface), which allows users to perform many kinds of actions like:

  • Remotely operate the robot with a browser based version of the Touch screen interface.
  • Add and remove content, like motion sequences and audio.
  • Configure theTouchscreen, add new buttons etc.
  • Configure and adjust hardware devices like motors and pneumatic muscles.
  • Configure the face projection, add new faces.
  • Adjust sound levels.
  • Edit and create scripts in the Python programming language, which can create automated robot behaviours.
  • view camera and depth sensor images and see what image recognition programs are doing with that data.
  • Check how the system is behaving, start and stop various software components.

Accessing The Control Panel

If you already own a Tritium based robot like RoboThespian or SociBot, see here for connection and access instructions

Control Panel Web Interface

See Web Interface (Tritium GUI) for an overview of the Control Panel