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Please note that as of 2019 SociBot has been discontinued.
If you are looking for a robot with similar features or applications as SociBot please get in touch. As we continue to develop our range of humanoid robots we may be able to offer an alternative.

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This page is aimed at potential customers and distributors who want an overview of SociBot's Technical Specifications


Robot Dimensions Including Kiosk Metric Imperial
Robot Weight approx 42 kg approx 93 lbs
Robot Height 1708 mm 5' 7 1/4”
Robot Width 569 mm 22 1/2”
  • SociBot Kiosk Overall Dimensions
  • SociBot Kiosk Plinth Dimensions

Mechanical Specification
3 x DC servo motor actuators for neck movement (roll/pitch/yaw).
Torso fabrication: fibreglass
Head fabrication: pressure moulded urethane
Wear parts hard anodised
Metallic silver paint finish
Electrical Specification
Onboard single board computer (Intel NUC)
RGB head webcam
SociBot Kiosk only: Interactive touchscreen kiosk with 19” touchscreen panel.