Virtual Robot - Limiting Controls for Simultaneous Actions

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Virtual Robot > Limiting Controls for Simultaneous Actions


There will likely be situations where you have one or more animations that you would like to play concurrently.

For example, you might want the robot to wave while playing specific facial animations.

This guide will walk through how to limit the controls of the animation to specific body parts using arbitration.

Where do I define the limits?

  • Let's say you've just finished creating a sequence in the main UI. Go to File > Open and select your file
  • Screenshot from 2022-08-05 15-46-18.png
  • Find your file, go to the Preferences tab and you'll see a parameter called Limit Control. Here you can enter Arbitration Paths (essentially robot body parts) which limit the areas of the robot this sequence will control during playback
  • Screenshot from 2022-08-05 15-48-18.png

How do I know what paths to use?

In Robot Management, go to the Arbitration tab and you'll see an arbitration tree of Ameca's body parts

  • Screenshot from 2022-08-05 16-25-33.png

For example, if I only wanted to move the Neck and Right Arm, I find where they are on the arbitration graph.

  • 2022-08-05 17-03.png

In this case, they come under Body -> Torso -> Right Arm and Body -> Neck.

So in the Limit Control, I would write Body.Torso.Right Arm Body.Neck (Note: Robot is not needed)