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The quality of your compressed air supply is crucial, if you are using a silent type compressor with an oil reservoir, (Jun Air Model 6-25 or similar), make sure that it is kept cool and runs below 50% duty cycle. If you see any signs of oil contamination in tubing (discoloured tubes etc), replace the filter element in the filter regulator unit as per the compressor instructions.

As an additional precaution a micro mist separator (SMC AFD20-02) can be installed in-line using a suitable adaptor (Barrel Connector R1/4). See Compressor - Fitting Oil Separator. This is not necessary for Jun Air Models OF302-25B or OF302-25M

Regularly check for and drain any condensate before it can enter air lines:

Drain any fluid from the filter regulator

There is a small drain on the filter-regulator - liquid in the airline will collect here. For Jun-Air / Norgren filters please drain it by pressing in the nipple at the bottom with a flat object and collect in a suitable container. NB there needs to be pressure in the system for the drain to work. Dispose of condensate appropriately. Check this regularly to help prevent liquid carry-over in the airline.

640x427 compressor - manually drain filter regulator bowl.jpg

For SMC filters, drain by rotating valve on bottom of bowl briefly (see below).

Drain any fluid from the micro mist separator

Drain by rotating valve on bottom of bowl briefly to open drain. Close again. NB there needs to be pressure in the system for the drain to work

640x480 Micro Mist Separator Draining.jpg

Check auto-drain (if fitted) functioning correctly

There is a small TEST button on the autodrain that will open the drain. NB the autodrain is only powered when the compressor motor is running. The glowing LED (marked OFF) indicates that the autodrain has power. Pressing the test button will make the LED marked ON glow briefly.

640x480 Compressor- autodrain controls - LED when motor running and has power.jpg

  1. with the compressor powered on, the motor running and system pressurised, test the autodrain works when pressing it - should get a puff of air / condensate into the container.
  2. if condensate come out press repeatedly
  3. if there is lots of condensate in the auto drain increase the frequency of operation - adjust the timer setting (see user guide supplied with autodrain.)

If no auto-drain fitted, manually drain condensate

Open the valve on the compressor receiver. Use a suitable container to catch any condensate and dispose of correctly. Use a rag or cloth over the valve to prevent condensate spraying into the air.

640x512 compressor-manually drain condensate.jpg