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As an optional extra RoboThespian and SociBot can be supplied with a Bluetooth receiver and controller to enable simple remote control.

Volume controls allow easy adjustment of RoboThespian's audio volume.

The four main buttons (1 - 4) can trigger any sequence (animation), or start any Control Function (behaviour of the robot).

A switch swaps the functions of these buttons to a second set of sequences or Control Functions.

Example setup

800x450 Bluetooth presenter buttons layout 4.png

Fixed function buttons

  • A Power button
  • B Button function switch - (shown in default left position)
  • C Laser pointer button
  • C* Laser pointer beam direction (do not shine at or near eyes!)
  • D Volume up
  • E Volume down

Sequence / Control Function buttons

  1. Play finger test sequence
  2. Play robot self test sequence
  3. Play COMPOSE sequence 1 - play the first COMPOSE screen sequence
  4. Play COMPOSE sequence 2

Note: can stop a sequence playing by pressing the same button again.

Switching on

  1. Hold on/off button 3-4 secs. Acknowledged by a single flash of the led
  2. Do not press another button for 3 seconds (otherwise goes into discovery mode)

Switching off

Hold on/off button 3-4 secs. Acknowledged by a double flash

Discovery mode

Already setup to pair with RoboThespian. No need to pair with RoboThespian.

Even if the presenter goes into discovery mode, the robot will reconnect to it shortly after.


The four main buttons (1 - 4) can be setup to trigger any sequence (animation), or start any Control Function (behaviour of the robot).

The button function switch can be used to change the button functions to a different set of 4, (referred to internally as 5 - 8)

Please contact Engineered Arts for a bespoke setup and/or further details on customising yourself.

Button function switch

Two positions - left or right.

In left position buttons 1-4 are seen by RoboThespian as buttons 1-4.

In right position remaps the buttons as 5 - 8 allowing a different set of sequences / Control Functions.

800x450 Bluetooth presenter buttons layout switch RIGHT 2.png

  • B Button function switch - (shown in optional right position)

Changing sequences triggered by controller (advanced)

If you would like to change the sequences that are triggered by button 1-4 (5-8) on the controller you can do this using the Settings panel in the IDE. These settings are read by the UserButtons control function.

Use the prefix seq: to play a sequence or cf: to start a Control Function (press again to stop)

Example settings:

      Name        Value
      BUTTON_1    seq:Finger Test - Arms to side
      BUTTON_2    seq:01-The Purpose
      BUTTON_3    cf:ShutUp
      BUTTON_4    seq:jaws
      BUTTON_5    cf:TellAStory
      BUTTON_6    cf:CopyTrackedUser
      BUTTON_7    cf:ShutUp
      BUTTON_8    cf:SingASong

UserButtons settings example.jpg

If you have not encountered Control Functions yet, please see Tritium GUI and Tritium Control Functions.

Alternatively, if you would prefer Engineered Arts to change the sequences for you, we are happy to help, please contact us.