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If you experience a problem with your robot, in the first instance, you should diagnose and resolve issues using our online documentation wiki at

If you are unable to resolve the issue using the wiki or would prefer our engineers diagnose and resolve the issue on your behalf, we will of course continue to offer support. However, after expiry of the warranty period, this service will be chargeable at a rate of £75 per hour.

We can supply any spare parts required and, in most cases, instructions for part replacement are provided in the wiki.

All support requests must now be logged via the online support ticket system at

You can report support issues here, attach photos and other files, communicate with an EA engineer and monitor the live status of your ticket at any time

As with any technical product, eventually replacement parts and hardware become discontinued and software is superceeded.   We are constantly adding new features and improved hardware to our latest robots, and we offer generous exchange deals for customers considering an upgrade to their existing model.

We recommend robots over 3 years old are returned to the EA workshop for servicing at a basic cost of £1,200GBP excluding parts, shipping, Duty&VAT.  We will notify you of any parts that need replacing and of any recommended upgrades available.

Kind regards, The Engineered Arts Team