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Virtual Robot > Converting robot model

RoboThespian4 with Gripping Hands model Interface


Virtual robot supports a range of different robot models.

You may have multiple physical robots and want to convert content for use on a different physical robot.


  1. open performance
  2. click File >> Convert To >> pick the robot model to convert to
  3. you may see a warning that some movements will be lost. Continue.
    1. For example if you change from "RoboThespian4, Gripping Hands & InYaFace" to "RoboThespian4, InYaFace" if you added finger movements these will be lost as the gripping hand fingers have different outputs
  4. re-add any finger movements if required
  5. click File >> Save to save the converted performance with the same name.

  • RoboThespian Hard Face
  • RoboThespian Projected Face
  • RoboThespian Gripping Hands
  • RoboThespian Active Legs
  • SociBot Kiosk
  • SociBot Mini

RoboThespian4 Gripping Hands robot model.png

RoboThespian4 InYaFace model.png

Example convert from RoboThespian4 Gripping Hands Inyaface to RoboThespian4 InYaFace.png

Conversion - may lose some outputs.png