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Telepresence >> touchscreen PC

Touchscreen PC desktop


Telepresence is a feature that allows an operator to use a PC with headset and microphone to control Engineered Arts' robots like RoboThespian or SociBot and speak to an audience via the robot.

If you haven't already please see the main Telepresence page

This page is for customers who have been supplied a touchscreen PC by Engineered Arts

Touchscreen PC desktop


  • Ubuntu - username and password and on a printed label on the front of the machine.
  • Windows 10 - There is no password set. If desired you can add one through the usual windows settings.

Desktop shortcuts

There are shortcuts setup on the PC desktop for quick access to telepresence.

Tinman.png - Tinman Telepresence - - see Telepresence

Robots.png - Robot Management - - see Remote Connection

VR.png - Virtual Robot - - see Virtual Robot