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Gill to amend, marcus to tart up visually:

In many cases you will be able to diagnose and resolve issues using our online documentation at

If you are unable to resolve the issue using the wiki or would like us to diagnose and resolve it on your behalf we will of course continue to offer support, but it will be chargeable at a rate of £75 per hour.

We can supply any spares required, and in most cases instructions for part replacement are provided in the online documentation.

To provide a better service support is now via our online support ticket system - you can submit issues here, provide photos and any additional information requested and view the current status of any issues here. No more emailing back and forth.

As robots get older, parts and hardware become End of Life and no longer available, and software becomes outdated. We are constantly adding new features and improved hardware to our latest model robots, which you may wish to consider upgrading to.

We recommend a service for any robots over 3 years old at a cost of £1200, excluding parts and shipping. We will let you know of any parts that need replacing and of any recommended upgrades available to your robot.

Kind regards, The Engineered Arts Support Team