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[[RoboThespian]] >> [[RoboThespian At a Glance]] >> Technical Spec
[[RoboThespian]] >> [[RoboThespian At a Glance]] >> Technical Spec
RoboThespian's Technical Specifications.
=Dimensions and weight=
=Dimensions and weight=

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RoboThespian >> RoboThespian At a Glance >> Technical Spec

Dimensions and weight

Robot Dimensions (Excluding floor base) Metric Imperial
Robot Weight 33 kg 72 lbs
Robot Height 1750 mm 5' 9”
Robot Width (shoulder to shoulder) 410 mm 16”
Robot Width (arms fully extended) 1750 mm 5' 9”
Robot Dimensions (Including floor base) Metric Imperial
Robot Weight 37 kg 81 lbs
Robot Height 1780 mm 5' 10”
Robot Width (floor base width) 600 mm 23.5”
Robot Width (arms fully extended) 1750 mm 5' 9”
Wooden Touch Screen Kiosk Dimensions Metric Imperial
Weight 30 kg 66 lbs
Height 1006 mm 40”
Width 472 mm 18.5”
Depth 420 mm 16.5”
Floor Base Dimensions Metric Imperial
Base Width 600 mm 23.5”
Base Length 650 mm 25.5”
Base Depth 30 mm 1.25”
Base Weight 4 kg 9 lbs

Mechanical Features

Mechanical Features
Hybrid design with pneumatic and DC servo motor actuators for upper body, upper limbs and head
10 x Pneumatic 'Air Muscle' Actuators (Festo) with full proportional control and inherent compliance
8 x DC servo motors (Maxon) tuned for natural human motion profiles
8 x Pneumatic cylinder actuators for hands
1 x High speed servo motor for jaw actuation
Angular range details here: http://ioserve.org/wiki/index.php/Robothespian_kinematics - UPDATE
Passive lower limb design will maintain centre of mass over support as legs fold
Actuation for legs available as optional extra
Chassis fabrication: 6082 Grade Aluminium
Wear parts hard anodised for longer life
DC motors with induction hardened output gears

Electrical Features

Electrical Features
12 bit absolute angular hall encoders on Air Muscle and DC servo axis
2 motion control boards for DC Servo, Pneumatic Air Muscle control
Closed loop control on 18 proportional axis
3 pneumatic valve controllers (4 channels per board) for closed loop pressure and flow control to 'Air Muscle' actuators.
Eyes with 240 x 320 QVGA 2.2” LCD displays, independently driven by embedded Linux module.
Interactive touchscreen kiosk with 19” touchscreen panel.
Onboard single board computer (SBC)
Asus Xtion Infra Red Depth Sensor
RGB webcam in head