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QR Codes recognition

EA robots like RoboThespian and SociBot can read QR Codes and respond in way you choose.

For example, a QR code printed on a visitor ticket or membership pass could prompt the robot to deliver a special message. The visitor simply holds up the QR code in front of the robot's face to prompt the response.

This function can be used to recall information, or trigger a sequence or a behaviour. We often use this ability to perform 'mind-reading' tricks with playing cards, or to remember a user-specific sequence that can be played upon presenting the code on a mobile phone, for example.

How it works

QR recognition is accomplished via Tritium Control Functions; the ZBar control function must be enabled for the robot to recognize QR codes presented.

Card Trick

Engineered Arts can supply a set of playing cards with QR code embedding, to use for card tricks (or anything else you like). To use the default card recognition trick, enable the PlayingCards python control function in the control function interface (see Tritium GUI Control.

How to successfully pull off the QR card trick

  • Hold the card up near the head of the robot, with the face towards you.
  • The robot should move so the card is in the centre of its field of view, and will 'detect' the card value.
  • If you move the card away before it has processed the input, the robot will gently rebuke you or ask you to hold the card higher.