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TinMan Telepresence is a feature that allows an operator to use a PC with headset and microphone to control Engineered Arts' robots like RoboThespian or Mesmer and speak to an audience via the robot.

The operator is located remotely anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection, for full details of standard Tinman Telepresence please see TinMan Telepresence

For some customers using their robots at different venues or without access to a good quality wired internet connection we can now offer an optional local install of Tinman Telepresence.

This page is for customers with the optional local Tinman Telepresence feature

Local Tinman Telepresence

  1. Connect your robot to the supplied router using one of the yellow ports of the router
  2. Connect your laptop or PC to another of the yellow ports
  3. In Chrome browser on your laptop go to https://telepresence/ or https://telepresence.local
    1. The first time you use local telepresence you might see a warning in your browser about the connection
    2. If this is the case, click on Advanced, then the link "Proceed to telepresence"
  4. Login with your usual user name and password
  5. Click on your robot in the list
Local Telepresence Setup
Local tinman telepresence - connection warning
Local tinman telepresence - click proceed to telepresence
Local tinman telepresence login screen
Local tinman telepresence robot list

Reverting to internet / cloud based telepresence

You can still use internet / cloud based telepresence where you have an internet connection

  1. Connect the robot and laptop/PC to the internet
    1. You can do this by connecting the Blue port of the router to your internet connection
  2. Use the standard telepresence URL in chrome https://telepresence.engineeredarts.co.uk

Tinman Telepresence features by type

Feature Internet / cloud based Local install
Cloud hosted application - access to latest updates & improvements Green tickY Green tickN
Remote access - use telepresence from anywhere in the world Green tickY Green tickN
Works without an internet connection Green tickN Green tickY