SociBot Mini Disassembly and Packing

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SociBot >> SociBot Mini Disassembly and Packing


Should you need to relocate your SociBot please contact Engineered Arts first for support.

Should the robot need to be transported a greater distance than within your own building it should be disassembled and suitably packed.

Before packing

In software set the head looking straight (yaw, pitch and roll axes set to 180 degrees). Quickest way - use the head straight sequence from the COMPOSE screen before shutting down. Do not manually force the head to move.

Original packaging

Please retain original packaging or flight cases (option) for safe and secure transportation of SociBot Mini.

Note the shape of the cut outs match SociBot's body. There is a cut out for the body and for the ears.

SociBotMini Packing v2-01.jpg

Neck support

Wrap bubble wrap and/or soft packing wrap around the neck to support the head

SociBotMini Packing v2-02.jpg

SociBotMini Packing v2-03.jpg

Secure SociBot in foam inserts

Wrap SociBot in soft foam to prevent damage to paintwork.

Note orientation of cut outs in foam inserts. Place insert on side. Position SociBot onto the insert.

Close the insert around SociBot, make sure fits closely.

SociBotMini Packing v2-04.jpg

SociBotMini Packing v2-05.jpg

SociBotMini Packing v2-06.jpg

Close the inserts at the rear with strong adhesive tape. Do not apply any tape to SociBot.

SociBotMini Packing v2-07.jpg

SociBotMini Packing v2-08.jpg

Place SociBot and accessories in box

With SociBot Mini facing up, insert into box.

SociBotMini Packing v2-09.jpg

Small rectangular block and longer piece of foam used to hold power supply and cables. Thin sheet of foam or bubble wrap on face. SociBot keys and setup instructions in bubble wrap bag in box.

SociBotMini Packing v2-10.jpg

SociBotMini Packing v2-11.jpg

Securely fasten box shut

Securely tape or bind the box closed before shipping.

SociBotMini Packing v2-12.jpg

Ship on a pallet

Secure the box to a pallet, this helps make handling easier for shipping agents and reduces the risk of damage during shipping.

Packed socibot.jpg